Case Study: University College of Dublin – HUM20010 Career Readiness for Arts Module

The HUM20010 Career Readiness for Arts is a for-credit module which aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop interview skills by participating in an online video interview and mock interview and then reflecting on their experience of completing both.

Students have an opportunity to practice using STAR technique and other common graduate interview questions as well as experiencing interview software using SONRU.

What do students do in this activity?

As part of their Career Readiness module, students attend a lecture on Interview skills with each student recording an individual video interview to practice their interview technique, and then completing a self evaluation form. A week later in the next class, each is provided with a job description and completes a mock interview using the STAR technique with one of their peers. Feedback is provided at the end of the interview.

To complete the assignment, they complete a reflective account of their experience completing different interview components of the recruitment process which may include a video interview and face to face interview. The reflective accounts are submitted and reviewed as part of the module but no grade is assigned. Students are required to complete of each component, their self-assessment form and reflective account to pass the module.

This reflection allows student to reflect on their experience of using interview skills and consider where they performed well and where they need to improve.

Preparing students for the reflective component

In class, we discuss reflective writing to ensure all students have a clear understanding. Students are encouraged to think about their experience of completing both interview types – video interview and face2face, their observations, what they noticed both positive and negative, what might be improved on and what they would do differently.

Following their individual video interview, students are required to complete a self-assessment form to reflect on their experience, this supports their reflective account.

Linking these reflections to the students’ overall employability development

The students’ reflective accounts provide the them with an opportunity to assess their level of preparedness for internship and graduate recruitment process so that they can improve their interview performance, increase confidence and further enhance their examples for use at interviews.